YFI: Making the Right Decisions For You

YFI: Making the Right Decisions For You

Our Answers to Dubai’s Common Office Fit Out Mistakes Series
Part IV

“Every Minute You Spend In Planning Saves 10 Minutes In Execution.” Brian Tracy

Every Fit Out is an opportunity to enhance workplace aesthetics its functionality, usability, and adjustability. But always take a step back and consider all the prospective pitfalls, risks, and challenges before making changes to your existing workplace.

There can be a number of errors that effectively check your office fit out success. But ensure that failure to plan isn’t one of them. It’s the most vital step to set up a well-designed office. Glossing over plan results in misspending, losing your crucial time and a host of unforeseen structural or refurbishment setbacks along the way.

If you are pressed for time, Yalla Fix It’s team of experienced and qualified designers, project managers and builders working in the field of ergonomics will assist you to design a safe, comfortable and productive office. Our expert recommendations and guidance offers the right decisions and prevents you from committing costly miscalculations.

Here, YFI series on Dubai’s Common Office Fit Out Mistakes discuss on common pitfalls clients face and answers how to avoid them – transforming your workplace into a creative oasis.

Common Planning Oversights

Never Rush
Don’t make the mistake of rushing through the planning stage unless you want it to end up as the biggest expense with your office fit out. Skipping the planning process won’t do you any good either.

Create a realistic office design brief which is both clear and concise. Provide every piece of info you have to whoever is involved in the project to minimize the risk of any mistakes through miscommunication.

Be prepared for internal resistance if your employees do not feel positive about the change. Carry out an internal communications’ strategy to reach out everyone in your company, to make feel consulted, informed, so that they know what to expect at every lap of the project.

If your clients pay regular visits to your office ensure that they are informed well in advance on the changes taking place. Update your channel of communication across your websites, social media, and even email signatures.

Power Points

Even though planning prior to Fit Out is an easy task, small tasks like assigning power points per workstation are forgotten quite often. Ensure that there’s always a minimum of two power points at any workstation.

Always take measurements and devise a thorough floor plan. Give sufficient room to your employees to work at ease while you fit in all your furniture.

Read those Fine Print
Know the restrictions and regulations that your building manager or landlord have in place before moving to your office. Let them know in advance if you are planning to make any kind of modification.

Last Minute
Never leave the office design to the last minute. An excellent office design and fit-out take weeks, if not months to get right, it all needs to be placed strategically so that the right results are achieved within the set budget and timescales.

While planning a fit out, contemplate the future. Think long-term with the prospect of future expansion. It is essential to incorporate into the designs as you will have new employees later on but not enough space to accommodate them.

Allocating your budget correctly is crucial to any project planning. Keep an eye on your budget through every phase of your project. When managed properly, it can prevent any gross overspending you hadn’t anticipated at the beginning of the project.
A good contractor like Yalla Fix It can take care of this quickly and in a cost-effective way. If you would like to know any further on budget control, commercial or industrial fit-out works, please feel free to contact YFI and we are delighted to help you.

Make your office fit out an investment rather than an expense.

That’s where we come in!