Yalla Fix It

Yalla Fix It

Dubai’s Go to Handyman Services

Has your husband been promising to fix something for weeks? Maybe months?

Are your Honey-Do lists a bit overwhelming?

Are your home repairs causing a never-ending battle at home?

Good news for you, you’re not alone. Every husband has odd jobs on their “Honey Do” lists on one hand and a frustrated spouse on the other. The “honey” or husband is assigned tasks by his loving wife that are urgent for a smooth running of the household. However, things can pile up and turn into daunting arrays of chores. Maybe it be lack of time or knowledge or be the lightest of the tools. At YFI, we recognize what Dubai residents lack in their daily life, Time. Our DM certified Handymen are here to help your significant other to tackle that list of to-dos. YFI values time and helps you fix those minor repairs before they turn it into expensive emergencies.

Home repairs, home maintenance, home remodeling, and home improvement are what we are specialized to do. Our licensed and insured experienced YFI professionals offer quality services that will vouch for your peace of mind. We will take the stress off your plate.


Your husband will never be able to take a break if you insist on fixing all your home repairs at once. Make your list fair and reasonable. Be thoughtful. Instead, focus on the most urgent task to be done. By targeting one chore at a time, you will ensure that it’s not that the job is not too much and therefore it’s more likely to get finished.

A word of advice – Unless your “Honey” is Super Man or a real handyman, don’t overestimate his skills. If your husband does not possess the necessary skills or equipment, you should not encourage him to attempt on his own. Don’t overcomplicate it, hire a professional Get the job done safely and efficiently.

At Yalla Fix It we own the home improvement game.
Category of Our Handyman Services are mentioned below and but not limited to:

Air conditioner Installation/Service/Repair
Cabinet Refacing
Ceiling repair
Concrete work
Curtain hanging
Dishwasher Installation/Service/Repair
Door installation/repair
Drain cleaning
Dryer Installation/Service/Repair
Electrical wiring
Fan installation
Flooring Installation/Service/Repair
Garage door openers
General Maintenance
Gutter Cleaning/Repair
Insulation installation

Lockset adjustment
Molding installation
Paint removal
Patio stone installation
Plumbing repairs

Shelf installation
Storage area repair
Wall building
Washing Machine Installation/Service/Repair
Waste and junk removal
Window cleaning/installation/repair

You make your to-do list, we will get it done!!

Our capable handyman crew will fix, repair, install, clean, refinish and veld while you relax with your family and friends. Choose us, the go-to guys for all your household to-do lists. Break out in songs of joy throughout the day. The YFI handyman is here to root for you. We will help you save your precious time, ensure the work is done right the first time and preserve the value of your home.

Call 800PERFECT, your one call, will take care of all.