Making Every Drop of Water Count

Making Every Drop of Water Count

“Water is the driving force of all nature.” – Leonardo da Vinci

With 550 liters per day, UAE ranks highest in per capita water consumption around the world. As our nation’s water intake is a principal concern, it’s imperative to initiate numerous water-conservation strategies for our economic growth, environmental sustainability, and our future. Yalla Fix It values water as a priceless treasure of our lifetime and our children’s lifetime and supports the Government initiative for water sustainability in the UAE.

As per our commitment towards a water sustainable future and maintain ecological balance Yalla Fix It’s qualified professionals advice for less water using closets, water saving-low-flow shower heads and water-free car washing to be made mandatory across all the Emirates. We can cut down on water waste on a personal level if we take shorter showers, close the tap when brushing teeth and use the half tank options when flushing. This will certainly help in saving water in the bathroom where we use to water the most. In the kitchen, instead of washing water under running water, try using a bowl. Alternatively, we can save water if we steam our veggies than boil it. A small tweak in our daily habits can greatly help in water conservation efforts.

As 15-17 percent water loss occurs around water leakages in and around the home, it is vital to keep an eye on it as well. If your DEWA bill suddenly shoots up or your water meter is on a marathon run for no apparent reason it’s time for a licensed plumber. Keep in mind that even if you can’t identify the leak yourself, it doesn’t mean that your home doesn’t have one.

Wary of your water usage?  cut back on your daily usage with our tips and tricks, it can not only help prevent the wasteful overuse of water but it is the best investment we can have for generations to come. A small little step from each of us will go a long way, remember, we are all connected by the water around us.

Adopt best practices today. A little attention to detail in-home care can  ward off the exhaustive ones while failing to take care of the basics could end you up in significant trouble.

If you are unable to solve your plumbing on your own, our DM certified YFI Plumbers are happy to help. YFI’s home maintenance team can take care of all your plumbing woes. Call us at 800 PERFECT to fix an emergency leak, we know that that duck tape is not gonna work.

Don’t forget to check back often to keep up to date with the latest water conservation strategies and learn about DIY repairs.

Save a drop. Save the future with Yalla Fix It.