Optimise Your Air Conditioning with Yalla Fix It

Optimise Your Air Conditioning with Yalla Fix It

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Being the residents of Dubai, no one appreciates the blessings of AC, one of the greatest modern inventions, than us. Despite the fact that AC is still being considered an extravagance in many corners of the world, AC is our necessity. But did you know your cooling system uses over 50 percent of your energy costs in your home? Adding to that, if not tuned up appropriately your AC can lose up to 5% efficiency, racking up your DEWA bills. Yes, comfort certainly comes at a price.

Yalla Fix It’s air conditioning professionals can assist you with even the simplest thing as changing the air filter to a regular maintenance regime. Annual AC tune-up will reflect as savings in your electric bills and will reduce repair costs. We can keep your AC, your hardest working appliance, from malfunctioning keeping you and your AC cool even during the hottest days of the summer.

Even though your air conditioning needs to be regularly maintained by a qualified technician to work at its peak, our DM certified air conditioning experts at Yalla Fix Itproposes two air conditioner maintenance chores which you can easily do on your own.

1# A clogged AC filter can make your air conditioner run poorly. Dust and debris built up will choke up and force your air conditioning to work even harder. Do change it every month.

2# Vacuum out the excess dirt from the filter or just take it outside and shake it. It’s that easy and it won’t slow down your machines ability to provide cool air to your home.

Utilize your window blinds or shades, if you are not in need of light. They can block up to 60 percent of the heat that comes through your windows. If you AC is older than your one-year-old dog, you need to think of replacing it. Our professionals at YFI, recommend you to get an Energy Star qualified model.

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If every Dubai household service their cooling systems, change their air filters and care for a yearly AC routine, we would save $10 million in annual energy costs and prevent more than 50 million pounds of greenhouse gases, equivalent to the emissions from 4 million cars. Lets together reduce the carbon footprint and go greener.

About US

At Yalla Fix It, we pride ourselves on quality service with fair pricing and are sincerely happy to remain the name you trust in AC repair and maintenance. Unlicensed contractors might charge less, but they’re more likely to commit mistakes that could cause injuries and damage. Let our DM certified Technicians save your cooling costs make your home the safest place to be.

Call us at 800 PERFECT, don’t take your AC for granted. It’s the PEAK PERFORMANCE TIME aka perfect time to fine-tune your cooling device.