YFI Answers to Dubai’s Common Office Fit Out Mistakes Series
Part II

Oxford dictionary defines, Ergonomics, as “the study of working conditions, especially the design of equipment and furniture, in order to help people work more efficiently”. At Yalla Fix It, it is our primary focus to design safe, comfortable and productive workspaces that enhance human abilities, diminish their limitations, boosts employee productivity and morale. We consider healthy employees as the most valuable asset of an organization and takes pride in creating and promoting the safety & health culture to lead better human performance and wholesome experience for the ones who work for you.
Ergonomics & Lighting
A well-designed office can foster a constructive work environment, but it’s not space alone that constitutes a healthy workplace. Lighting is one of the most important elements of design. Harsh, inadequate and improper lighting will have a negative impact on your employee’s productivity and overall performance.

In Dubai, employees spend more than ten hours in offices and small discomfort like a window glare can cause eye strain, headaches, mood deterioration, and lowered mental performance. In fact, office lighting in Dubai is a well-known contributor to a myriad of ailments and long-term health problems as, more often insufficient or poor lighting and turns to health hazards.
Take Advantage Of Your Window

YFI’s Fit Out experts believe in making use of natural lighting and will not let poorly placed curtains and accessories block natural light sources. Along with health benefits, natural sunlight helps employees to feel relaxed and feel good. It is not wise to spend your budget on expensive lights when your office has plenty of window installations. Utilize those windows as effectively as possible, while you carefully distribute artificial lighting. Skylights and windows are the best environmentally friendly choice for lighting up space and will work great to cut down your electricity bills.
In commercial fit outs, YFI, pay attention to three primary aspects of lighting – placement, energy efficiency and temperature of light and we are convinced that good lighting easily attracts customer and clients. Dimmers should be added to all ceiling and overhead lighting so that it is not too bright enough to function under but not so bright that it is jarring.

Don’t be a victim of poor lighting. Make the lighting work in a positive way!

Commercial Ergonomics – Is it worth it?

Yes, absolutely. An increase in revenues and a decrease in cost is what every company target for. Ergonomics benefits your business, but it’s your employees who reap the greater benefits. Dysfunctional office ergonomics leads to frustrated and lethargic employees who are not at their best. If an employee experience fatigue and discomfort during their workday, it can reduce turnover, hike absenteeism, impair morale and decrease employee involvement.

As health & safety professionals, YFI specialists we are able to demonstrate the value of ergonomics and design ambiance for health and productivity incorporating style and comfort. Call us today at 800 PERFECT to discuss your requirements and speak with an experienced member of our team. Or, send us an email at