Know The House RULES

Know The House RULES

YFI Answers to Dubai’s Common Office Fit Out Mistakes Series
Part III

Office Fit Out’s speak volumes about a company. Aesthetics and comfort of an office interior design should make the most of your people space and brand. Whilst a superior design can motivate employees, enhance efficiency and boost their productivity, it can potentially impress your clients and customers with an arresting experience.

Yalla Fix It professional design services handles office refurbishments, office fit outs and even have an entire suite of offices designed from scratch. Let our experienced designers and builders take your office renovation, your business to the next level and compose a valued statement of your brand, culture, and philosophy.

However, if not planned and managed well, office remodeling can be disruptive in many aspects. In YFI’s series of Dubai’s most common Office Fit Out Mistakes Part III, and here we talk on the most crucial mistake to stay clear off.

Your Landlord in Loop

Unless you are lucky enough to own your office space, ensure that you request for landlord’s approval for any office fіt оut оr office refurbishment. Not liaising with the landlord is an oversight that can substantially increase costs and timescales. It is of utmost importance to have an honest and open relationship with your landlord so that no important assessments or paperwork is missed and health and safety rules and guidelines are followed.

Regarding the modification of buildings, it is likely that the landlord, or the building management company to have certain regulations or restrictions. It is imperative to fully understand those rules and regulations that may affect your office fit-out plans and the best advice is for the fit-out manager to meet with the Landlord or their representatives.

Make sure the landlord agrees to the work that will be completed and check that the contractors are allowed to work in the hours they have been assigned to. For example, it may not be permitted to use the lifts for bringing materials or furniture. There might be restrictions on delivery times and noisy working or may be obliged to only work outside normal business hours.

Don’t take your landlord for granted and blindly assume that it unlikely for your landlord to have any house rules. Keep them updated on any office space alteration before you commence the work. To have an office fit should never be a waste of time or money and svoid this most common oversight while fitting out your office.

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