Promoting Electrical Safety Across The UAE Copy

Promoting Electrical Safety Across The UAE Copy

Through the years, Yalla Fix It has become distinctly regarded by clients and consumers alike, by constantly reinvigorating the way electrical safety is addressed. YFI creates specific awareness and educational resources, as each year many lives are disrupted by electrical fires and too many families mourn the loss of a loved one who is fatally injured by mischievous electrical endeavors at home. YFI Blog is exclusively dedicated to promoting electrical safety at home through education, awareness, and advocacy, creating a difference in reducing electrically-related deaths, injuries, and property losses.



Our Mission

Our mission at  Yalla Fix It is to cut down electricity – induced fires, injuries, and death; save lives with electrical safety awareness and campaigns.

YFI is committed to:

  • Encourage risk-reducing behaviors with electrical safety advocacy
  • Create resources promoting consistent electrical safety bulletin.
  • Educate to understand warning signs of electrical hazards
  • Warn against and raise awareness on counterfeit electrical products.
  • Address electrical safety needs with home inspections.


YFI’s Precautions From Home Electrical Hazards  

  • Cover sockets with outlets covers – Children curious us they are, outlet covers will prevent them from sticking their fingers and toys, protecting from electrical shocks.
  • Be gentle to your cords. Don’t tightly tack them or nail them. If power cables are excessively pressurized it will damage insulation resulting in overheating, and you risk an electrical fire.
  • Listen to your electronic appliances – If your juicer or blender repeatedly trips a circuit breaker or blows a fuse, immediately unplug it and consult our experienced electricians. You can continue using it, when our electrical professionals inspect, make repairs and declare the appliance safe.
  • Stop using Cube Taps – Though it might seem as convenient, Cube Tap will fast track circuit overload, overheating and potentially a fire.
  • Keep electronic devices from water, and moisture –  If your appliance falls into the water, or you accidentally drop it. Shut off power from your home’s panel board to the corresponding circuit. Then safely retrieve it and have our DM certified electricians evaluate it whether it is fit for continued use. Keep that wet hand of yours away.
  • Turn off electronic appliances before plugging or unplugging – When your appliance is drawing power and electricity is flowing into it and back to the circuit don’t turn it ON/OFF. This might create an arc – electricity across from the socket to the plug.
  • Know what’s on the other side – You power tool may cut through a wall to a charged electrical wire. Never use it if you are unsure.
  • Stop carrying a tool by its chord – Chords should be kept in a dry environment loosely coiled.
  • In case of fire never pour water over to put out. Shut the power off and use a fire extinguisher.

Electric shocks don’t look as funny as in cartoons. Take preventative measures on home electrical issues to ensure your safety. When in doubt always call 800 PERFECT to schedule your electrical safety inspection.


Who We Are

Yalla Fix IT provides 24-hour emergency services for A/C, Plumbing, Electrical and Handyman Services, and Maintenance and earned a reputation for excellence, quality, and quick response. With cutting-edge installations, we set the standards for our industry across the UAE. We are dedicated exclusively to promoting your safety at home.

Right Technician, Right Tool @ Right Time. Your Safety is our Priority.