Don’t DIY Call YFI

Don’t DIY Call YFI

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A ‘Do it Yourself’ electrical repair can be tempting with countless entertaining home improvement shows on the air, but it’s not certainly worth risk of electrocuting yourself or starting a fire. 50% of us, think of tackling household maintenance and repair jobs ourselves, but Yalla Fix It vehemently advice against ‘Do It Yourself’ Electrical repairs. When it comes to electrical work it demands not only logic, but science and hiring our DM licensed Electricians with intensive training is the rational choice. At YFI, we take safety seriously and your safety is our first priority.

Did you know around 3,500 people are hurt every year due to improper use of the simplest device such as a screwdriver? It only takes a split-second for a misused power tool to result in critical injury. Figures reveal 700 people lose their lives every year because of DIY accidents around the world. Tampering with electricity is strictly a NO NO, as it causes a staggering 1.2million significant injuries worldwide. Most ‘Do It Yourself-ers’ overlook and shrug off the instructions for electrical appliances that they bought a year ago. Inexperience, lack of personal protective equipment, poor planning and failing to use the right tool by DIY-ers culminates in fatal injuries.

DIY-ing an electrical job can potentially end up putting your home at inherent risk. Being an amateur, it is challenging to figure out the proper type of wires, outlets or switches and using the wrong products will result in grave problems. Besides devastating consequences for your home, trying to fix electrical issues yourself can be incredibly dangerous for you. We can all recover from hitting our thumbs with a hammer but touching the wrong wires doesn’t always give you the same chance of recovery.

Electrical repairs that demand a steep learning curve for you, are second nature to our licensed electricians. Duct taping and gluing are unlikely to work, rather place you and your family at the risk of electrocution and fire. Faulty repairs of electrical appliance by yourself may be lethal for you or the next person who uses it.

Think, is it worth risking your life or that of your loved one?

YFI Safety Precautions

YFI’s qualified electricians caution you against injury for your little residential electrical problems. Before any DIY electrical endeavors you should:

  • Read all the instructions or guidelines that comes with the electrical equipment.
  • Wear protective gear, such as gloves, helmet, or goggles.
  • Unplug your equipment if you are experiencing any issues before investigating it.
  • Make sure pets and children are off limits.
  • Under any circumstance do not operate electrical equipment if you are under any influence or are drowsy from taking medication.

For all the other complicated electrical repairs assign electrical jobs to our YFI’s professional electricians. No matter how easy it might seem, reaching out an expert electrician the first time around itself will avoid all costly and dangerous mistakes. Even if you actually manage the process and started a fire, you have to hire a professional straight away.

So why not call us at 800 PERFECT anytime any day of the week, our DM certified Electricians will be on their way.

Be wise, be safe when it comes to DIY projects.Don’t make the ceiling fan crash down on you.