YFI’s Top Tips for Hiring a Professional Fit Out Contractor


Undertaking a fit-out or relocation even refurbishment shouldn’t be a burden. But with an amateur contractor, it can turn out to be a daunting or difficult task as the wrong contractor can lead to delays, subpar work, and even legal problems.

Yalla Fix It is a one-stop-shop business with wide-ranging experience in commercial and residential design, fit-out, refurbishment and relocation in Dubai and throughout the UAE. Find out YFI’s guidelines to help you choose a professional contract to make your fit out a success.


It’s always important to find a team who best suits your needs and crucial to have proper guidance from planning to implementation for your entire fit out. Check out which area the contractor specializes in, as different companies specialize in distinct areas. A good team with a sound knowledge of materials will perform better under commercial use and can make sure that functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand as well.

Do your research set up a meeting with different contractors before choosing one.


Even though many companies claim experience with ergonomics and sustainability, often they might have only a little understanding. Look for the company’s qualifications and previous work.

Healthy, Safety and Insurance

From start to finish, tenant, and the contractor should comply with health and safety regulations. It should govern how the site runs to surveying the risk to people during the build process and after its completion. A contractor license and insurance show their knowledge, credibility and they are aware of the government rules and regulations.

Make sure your office fit out partner understands your long-term business plans and that they are incorporated into the designs. Proper communication can ensure that you can make use of the extensive industry knowledge your contractor possess and even find of if they have the experience they claimed to have.


Before your work commences have a detailed contract in place. It should cover – costs, a number of things to be installed, start to finish dates and drawing with the specification. Remember there’s never too much detail in the contract. Spell out everything and set the expectation. No one has time for an unpleasant surprise!!

Don’t Ignore Homework

Even the most seasoned managers anguish over the cost of a fit out. Not doing your homework on the costs associated with an office fit out is an explosive combination. If you are pressed for time, our financial analyst and planner will happily assist you.

Single PM
Every project requires a single project manager who you can contact directly all through who will help you coordinate better. Set up meetings regularly to forgo any issues beforehand. Convert your ideas to reality with the right contractor.


Always, Always and Always examine your lease contract before carrying out your fit out activities. Speak with your landlord and inform your building manager before you go ahead with your plans. Let your neighbors know your fit out schedule too. They will for sure appreciate your courtesy.

From the planning phase to implementation, Yalla Fix It’s certified professionals will be with you through every step. Our experts can pre-alert you on all the common mistakes, make smart decisions, assist you with furniture and let you enjoy the project. Listen to the YFI experts, avoid all costly and embarrassing pitfalls. To find out more of our effective expert fit out strategies please email at or call us today at 800 PERFECT.

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